Activities & Excursions

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Walks and Hikes

An ambling walk or a more adventurous hike off the beaten track are ideal ways to explore the scenic landscape, exotic flora and tea plantations. Guided individual and group tours can be arranged on request.

Mountain Biking

Grab a set of wheels – two in this instance for a different perspective of Nuwara Eliya’s narrow winding streets, pristine landscape and thrilling hills. Mountain bikes for hire with guides for longer rides can be arranged.

City Tours

Book a tour to discover the hidden secrets of the town that you may miss otherwise.


Sightseeing tours can be arranged to:

  • Horton Plains National Park: Home to Sri Lanka’s second- and third-highest mountains, Kirigalpotta and Totapola, Horton Plains is a quiet, strangely beautiful world with some excellent treks and a diversified wild life. The plain is covered with assorted landscapes of grasslands, patches of thick forests, waterfalls and lakes.
  • Worlds end: A part of the Horton Plains National Park, it is a sheer cliff, with a drop of about 4,000 feet (1,200 m). Accessible only on foot the a 4km walk takes you by Baker’s Falls (2km) and circles back to the entrance. Plan your trip early to ensure you get a good view of the world’s end, before the mist conceals the view.
  • Adams Peak: This mountain has been a focus for pilgrimage for more than 1000 years. It is known as Adam’s Peak (the place where Adam first set foot on earth after being cast out of heaven), Sri Pada (Sacred Footprint, left by the Buddha as he headed towards paradise), and as Samanalakande (Butterfly Mountain; where butterflies go to die). Some believe the huge ‘footprint’ at the peak to be that of St Thomas, the early apostle of India, or even of Lord Shiva.
  • Hill Cottage
  • Hill Cottage
  • Hill Cottage
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19/23, Grand Hotel Road,,Nuwara Eliya,,Sri Lanka

Telephone : +94(0) 52 4930 200


19/23, Grand Hotel Road,,
Nuwara Eliya,,Sri Lanka

+94(0) 52 4930 200